NCCL Contact Database Search (Internal)

Please read everything below to understand how to use this database in an appropriate and conscientious manner. This database is a powerful tool and misuse of this database can harm the Center’s reputation and ability to conduct research within the NTID community.

This is the internal search form for the database of potential research participants collected and curated by Dr. Matt Dye and the Deaf X Lab. The purpose of this database is to provide NCCL researchers with the ability to efficiently find and contact potential research participants who have already agreed to be contacted for recruitment purposes.

This search form has inclusion/exclusion criteria with which you can specify the type of participants you are looking for. In order to avoid exhausting the participant pool, please try your best to restrict your search to the narrowest criteria applicable; that is, do not cast an unnecessarily wide net in your search. To use this database, please select all criteria which you wish to include, and submit this form to get a list of names and the contact information of potential participants.

If you come across any invalid email addresses, updated participant information (e.g. graduated), or people who ask not to be contacted anymore, please inform the Deaf X Lab as soon as possible so we can remove those people from the list! This would be a big courtesy to us as well as to the participants, so they do not get bothered by other research teams using this database.

You can contact Dr. Matt Dye via or the Deaf X Lab via

Happy recruiting!

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